Fedora 32 : bleachbit not available


i just upgrade from fedora 31 to fedora 32 workstation.
Bleachbit was removed during this upgrade.
I have been using Bleachbit for 6 years on fedora and it is the fisrt time i meet this issue.

I tried to install from the official depository and it seems that Bleachbit is not avalaible anymore on it.
Do you know if Bleachbit will be avalaible again on it soon ?

Chome and ScriptSafe extension

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Google Chrome settings for ScriptSafe get erased.

BleachBit 2.0/LinuxLite3.8

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got a bit of non-urgent, i think, concern. i'm using BB2.0 on LinuxLite3.8 (based on Ubuntu16.04,not dual boot). when i run BB as admin, i notice that while BB is doing it's thing 258m shows up in APT. it doesn't show up everytime, on occasion if i run BB twice in a row (just for fun) that 258m will show up again. i have run `Free Disk Space' and it still comes up. i have removed and re-installed BB several no avail.

Linux - free space wipe of partitions


Hi ... thanks for this great software. I am running v2.0 on Ubuntu 18.04. My disk is set up with partitions for:
- / (root)
- swap
- /home

Question 1:
When go to Preferences / Drives to set the wiping folder, I can see it defaults to a folder in /home. For added security, should I also be specifying a folder in the / partition?

Question 2:
Am I right in thinking that Wipe Free Space will automatically wipe the swap partition?


BleachBit Crashes after update if deep scann is enabled


i use Bleachbit for several years and a problem occured yesterday after updating with yum upgrade (Fedora 27).
When a cleanning is running, at the end of the cleaning, Bleachbit meet a problem and stop without finishing the cleaning.
If i disable the deep scan options it works again.

Could you please help me to find a solution ? I would like to be able again to perform a full cleaning.

Best regards

Ubuntu - can't install any software since running Bleachbit. Please help

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Hi all,

I've posted in reddit but having slow progress there so coming to the source.

I ran BleachBit for the first time and since then whenever I try and install anything it never works.
The full reddit thread is here:

Here are the key points:

When I try and install anything with apt install etc it fails.

sudo apt install nautilus-image-converter

It spits out this error:

Is there any restriction on custom files/folders for deletion?

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I currently use Bleachbit 1.12 under Linux Mint 18.
I have a long list of (localization) files for deletion due to some non-standard/manual software installations.
I've manually added them via Edit > Preferences > Custom and there's nothing wrong with their locations af far as I can see - e.g. /home/sadi/.local/share/locale/ru, (user) /opt/bluegriffon/distribution/extensions/ (system).
However, I don't see them listed during Preview, or Cleaned afterward.

BleachBit finds passwords to delete even though Chromium is set to not store passwords


Browser: Chromium version 60.0.3112.78 (Developer Build)
OS: Linux Mint 18.2 (32-bit)

I have encountered an odd problem with BleachBit and Chromium:
I have Chromium set to not save any passwords, yet when I close the browser and click on "Clean" in BleachBit (standard, non-root version), BB identifies that I have passwords.
This happens every time without fail, yet in the right-hand pane in BB I can see that no passwords have been deleted.

Create custom cleaner_data in binary file?


I'm not sure about the process to create custom cleaners for this type of data, or if it's realistically possible.
This is in Mint, but should have a similar concept in some distros.

I couldn't find a submitted cleaner for Mint's default text editor (XED) on, or for default text editors of most other distros.

Pale Moon and BleachBit

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Using Linux Mint 17.3.

BleachBit 1.12

Can Bleachbit clean for the PaleMoon Browser?

Is there a way?

Thank you,

Lee G.


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