Fedora 32 : bleachbit not available


i just upgrade from fedora 31 to fedora 32 workstation.
Bleachbit was removed during this upgrade.
I have been using Bleachbit for 6 years on fedora and it is the fisrt time i meet this issue.

I tried to install from the official depository and it seems that Bleachbit is not avalaible anymore on it.
Do you know if Bleachbit will be avalaible again on it soon ?

i guess the only alternative is to download the officiel rpm from bleachbit.org. Unfortunately, only fedora 30 and fedora 31 are avalaible.
Could you put a new rpm for fedora 32 ?

Best regards

Your operating system: 
fedora 32

Try the package for Fedora 31. I think it will work the same on Fedora 32.

Later I will try to build the package for Fedora 32, but to help me not forget, you could file an issue ticket at https://github.com/bleachbit/bleachbit/issues/new

Andrew, lead developer

ok thank you
i will do that.
Will you also put bleachbit on the dnf repository ?

Fedora 33 will be available in a few days.
Do you still suggest to use the package for fedora 31 (stable version) ?