Contributors and Acknowledgements

Andrew Ziem started BleachBit in 2008, and today he leads the project, develops the software, provides support, maintains the infrastructure such as the web site, etc.

Thank you sincerely to the many contributors that make this project successful. In particular, contributors to the BleachBit core, to CleanerML, to bleachbit-misc, and hundreds of translators.

Thank you to Alex for maintaining Winapp2.ini, moderating the forums, and triaging bugs.

Thank you to the financial donors. After asking some of you, it seems you all prefer to remain anonymous.

Thank you to users who report bugs and tell their friends about BleachBit.

Thank you to Bruce Schneier, Hillary Clinton, and Trey Gowdy.

Thank you to the people behind Python, PyGTK, and NSIS for the useful tools.

Sorry, this page is not complete. If you should be listed, please email Andrew.