Fedora 32 : bleachbit not available


i just upgrade from fedora 31 to fedora 32 workstation.
Bleachbit was removed during this upgrade.
I have been using Bleachbit for 6 years on fedora and it is the fisrt time i meet this issue.

I tried to install from the official depository and it seems that Bleachbit is not avalaible anymore on it.
Do you know if Bleachbit will be avalaible again on it soon ?

BleachBit Crashes after update if deep scann is enabled


i use Bleachbit for several years and a problem occured yesterday after updating with yum upgrade (Fedora 27).
When a cleanning is running, at the end of the cleaning, Bleachbit meet a problem and stop without finishing the cleaning.
If i disable the deep scan options it works again.

Could you please help me to find a solution ? I would like to be able again to perform a full cleaning.

Best regards

Bleachbit version which allows running in "admin" option/mode?



I have been using Fedora (Release 15 Lovelock) for awhile now and recall seeing a version of Bleachbit which had an option to run as an "administrator"...all I am able to download now (using Fedora's software update features) is the standard "per user" version...no "admin" option.

Do you still offer this capability in a Linux version? One of the older versions?


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