BleachBit 4.1.1 beta

Please test BleachBit 4.1.1 beta, which will become the 4.2.0 major release.


January 2, 2021: BleachBit 4.2.0 has been released.


For a list of changes see the commit log and GitHub bug tracker. These include changes listed in BleachBit 4.1.0 beta.


These tests are for both Windows and Linux.

  • Clean Slack (messenger).
  • Clean Pale Moon.
  • Clean Zoom.
  • In Firefox, clean a bookmarked site. Then clean Firefox history, and verify the history (for the bookmarked site) is gone (issue 939) but bookmark icons remain.
  • Use the menu command "shred settings and quit," and you should not get the AttributeError error (issue 881).
  • Generate chaff files using the Hillary Clinton model, open a few generated emails, and verify they are plain text instead of base64 encoded (issue 995).
  • Install a LibreOffice extension, use BleachBit to clean all of LibreOffice, and verify the extension is still installed (issue 913).


  • In the BleachBit preferences, switch themes. There should be no KeyError message (issue 880).
  • Using Python 3.8 (e.g., Ubuntu 20.04), start BleachBit, and you should not get a SyntaxWarning message (issue 902).
  • Maximize the application window, and you should not get a loop of messages (issue 925).
  • Clean Chromium when installed as a snap package (issue 1005).
  • On older Linux distribution with GTK older than 3.22 (e.g., Ubuntu 16.04) click menu - help - open browser. Verify there is no AttributeError in the console issue 915.
  • Test new packages for Fedora 32 and 33.
  • Test new packages for Ubuntu 20.04.
  • Ubuntu 20.10 users (Groovy Gorilla): there will soon be a package for Gorilla. Until then, use the 20.04 deb package.
  • (Fedora) Run dnf autoclean, and verify there is no error.
  • (Fedora) Run dnf autoremove, and verify there is no error (issue 983, issue 1001).


  • Start the application, and verify that all text is not replaced with empty rectangles (issue 901).
  • Wipe free space, and you should not get an OSError message (issue 906).
  • Clean Google Chrome, and you should not get a UnicodeDecodeError message (issue 890).
  • Clean the special files such as Windows logs, and you should not get an error message starting TypeError: ord() (issue 875) or access denied (issue 337).
  • In the start menu, the applications should have icons (issue 942).
  • bleachbit.exe should have a version in its file metadata (issue 879).
  • Open BleachBit's about dialog and click the "website" link, and it should open (issue 918).
  • Using BleachBit portable mode, download winapp2.ini and the chaff models (by using the chaff function). Then, use "shred settings and quit." Verify the winapp2.ini file and the three chaff models (.json.bz2) were deleted (issue 637).
  • After closing BleachBit, verify there are no gdbus-nonce-file files under %TEMP% (issue 858).


See the downloads folder. For Linux, there are .deb and .rpm packages. For Windows, there is a digitally signed installer and portable package.

After testing

If something is broken, please file a bug report. If it works well, please post a comment with what you tested in the testing forum, as a comment at the bottom of this page, or as a GitHub issue.

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