BleachBit 4.2.0

We are pleased to announce BleachBit 4.2.0 with enhancements and bug fixes.

Thank you to all the code contributors, testers and bug reporters, translators, and financial contributors that made this release possible! Now donations through GitHub Sponsors are not charged any fees, so your donations go further.


June 27, 2021: BleachBit 4.4.0 has been released.


These are the changes since version 4.0.0:

  • Add cleaner for Zoom (suggested by cybercom02).
  • Add cleaner for Pale Moon (thanks to arckat324).
  • Add cleaner for Slack messenger (suggested by summonholmes).
  • Fix: Preserve bookmarked favicons when cleaning Firefox (reported by Team-Sys, fixed by rados).
  • Clean more: Firefox bookmarked sites (reported by KodrosX), moz_origins, favicons .
  • Support shredding with deep scan (fixed by Max Khon).
  • Support advanced searches in deep scan: nregex, wholeregex, and nwholeregex (fixed by Max Khon).
  • Fix: AttributeError error message when using the menu option "shred settings and quit" (reported by ediowar, fixed by Max Khon).
  • Fix: remove "closest monitor" debugging message (reported by Gitoffthelawn, fixed by Max Khon).
  • Fix: set output of chaff to be human readable instead of base64 encoded.
  • Fix: do not delete LibreOffice extensions (reported by sebas22).
  • Specific to Linux
    • Add packages for latest Fedora (32 and 33) and Ubuntu (20.04 and 20.10).
    • Clean Chromium when installed as snap (reported by Martii).
    • Fix KeyError: 'win10_theme' when switching visual themes (reported by Ashutosh-Kukreti, fixed by Max Khon).
    • Fix: warning SyntaxWarning: "is not" with a literal with Python version 3.8 (thanks to s-ankur).
    • Fix: loop when maximizing window (reported by ediowar, fixed thanks to Max Kohn).
    • Fix: dnf autoremove returned TypeError: a bytes-like object is required, not 'str' and left orphaned process (reported by terrycloth).
    • Do not package the unneeded file (reported by terrycloth).
  • Specific to Windows
    • Add cleaner for Chromium-based Microsoft Edge (thanks to Max Khon).
    • Fix: wiping special files returned TypeError: ord() or access denied (reported by David-Gonzalez1109 and WilliamBeltranC, fixed thanks to Max Khon).
    • Fix: UnicodeDecodeError: 'charmap' codec can't decode byte [...] error when cleaning Google chrome (first reported by Robert51, fixed by Max Khoh).
    • Fix: missing version number in executable metadata (reported by MusiqueGraeme, fixed by Max Khoh).
    • Fix: do not install unwanted translation (first reported by MPet1, fixed by Max Khon).
    • Fix: in the about dialog, the website button failed (reported by cliftonprince, fixed by Max Khon).
    • Fix: all characters were shown as rectangles because of a font error (first reported by mayerthomas, fixed by Max Khon).
    • Fix: OSError: [Errno 22] Invalid argument error when wiping free space (first reported by gator101, fixed by Max Khon).
    • Fix: the menu option "shred settings and quit" did not delete winapp2.ini (reported by ediowar, fixed by Max Khon).
    • Fix: make deep scan case insensitive (fixed by Max Khon).
    • Fix: delete gdbus-nonce-file temporary files (reported by Gitoffthelawn).
    • Fix: error message AttributeError: 'gi.repository.Gtk' object has no attribute 'show_uri_on_window' on older Linux distributions such as Ubuntu 16.06 (reported by ediowar, fixed by Anatoli Babenia).
    • Do not distribute unneeded fonts.
    • Renew the code signing certificate (SHA256).
  • Developers
    • See the list of commits or list of closed issues.
    • Document process for OpenSUSE Build System (thanks to Anatoli Babenia).
    • Fix build process for Ubuntu 20.10 (thanks to Anatoli Babenia).


  • Update Afrikaans translation thanks to Bernard Stafford
  • Update Arabic translation thanks to Bilux B, mohammed ait laarebi
  • Update Bengali translation thanks to রিমন সাঁঈ [Remon Shai]
  • Update Brazilian Portuguese translation thanks to JL
  • Update Catalan translation thanks to VPablo
  • Update Chinese (Traditional) translation thanks to Pin-hsien Lee
  • Update Dutch translation thanks to Bernard Stafford, Glennz nl, Heimen Stoffels, Peter Schelleman, Redmar, rob
  • Update English (Australia) translation thanks to Jared Norris
  • Update English (United Kingdom) translation thanks to Anthony Harrington
  • Update French translation thanks to 65GYgzf, Jean-Marc, Matthieu Martin, Pierre Slamich, Sultan Rahi, Tux 528, thecross, Éfrit
  • Update Galician translation thanks to Marcos Lans
  • Update German translation thanks to Tobias Bannert
  • Update Hebrew translation thanks to Yaron
  • Update Japanese translation thanks to Shinichirou Yamada
  • Update Lietuvių translation thanks to Moo, Valentinas Pavlovskis
  • Update Malay translation thanks to abuyop
  • Update Portuguese translation thanks to Almufadado, Sérgio Marques, nglnx
  • Update Russian translation thanks to Aleksey Kabanov
  • Update Simplified Chinese translation thanks to Eric Xu
  • Update Slovak translation thanks to Ján Hudec
  • Update Spanish translation thanks to Jesus Brito Mendoza, VPablo
  • Update Turkish translation thanks to Amed Çeko Jiyan, Buckethead, Ufuk Yıldırım, etc

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Known issues

Many issues were fixed with fixes available in BleachBit 4.3.0 beta.



Installation packages are ready for Microsoft Windows, Ubuntu, Linux Mint, Fedora, Debian, and openSUSE.

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