BleachBit 4.0.0

We are pleased to announce BleachBit 4.0.0. It has enhancements, bug fixes, and major changes "under the hood."

Thank you to all the code contributors, testers and bug reporters, translators, and financial contributors that made this release possible! Now donations through GitHub Sponsors are not charged any fees, so your donations go further.


January 2, 2021: BleachBit 4.2.0 has been released.


These are the changes since version 3.2.0:

  • The application was updated to run on Python 3 instead of Python 2 (thanks mainly to Max Khon).
  • Add cleaner for Discord (thanks in part to MarC0).
  • Clean more of Google Chrome: IndexDB.
  • Clean more of Firefox: cookies, history.
  • Clean much more of Opera.
  • Clean much more of gPodder (reported by velcroskids3).
  • Improve responsiveness of application window while cleaning (reported by gitthepie).
  • Fix cleaning custom folders when overwrite open was enabled (reported by Hyde233).
  • Fix cleaning VLC (reported by BrendonIrwan; fixed thanks to Max Kohn).
  • Fix the application window not appearing or disappearing (fix reported by notonymous; fixed thanks to Max Kohn).
  • Fix pop-up notification when cleaning is finished (reported by muessli; fixed thanks in part to Max Kohn).
  • Fix copy button in diagnostics window (reported by ediowar).
  • Specific to Linux
    • Support for Python 3 enables BleachBit to continue working on modern Ubuntu distributions that have dropped Python 2.
    • Clean dnf autoremove (thanks to klslz).
    • Cleaning APT autoremove reports how much space was cleaned (reported by AsciiWolf; fixed thanks to Max Kohn).
    • Add packages for Fedora and openSUSE Tumbleweed.
    • Fix cleaning VLC on older Linux distributions (reported by v17564).
    • Fix pop-up notification when cleaning is done (reported by ineuw).
  • Specific to Windows
    • Add optional Window 10 light and dark themes (thanks to TraistaRafael and Max Kohn).
    • Fix: files were leftover after wiping a drive (reported by StaticallyTypedRice; fixed by Max Kohn).
    • Update SQLite from 3.28 to 3.31.1.
    • Add translations for GTK stock messages such as OK and Cancel (reported by Tobias-B-Besemer; fixed by Max Kohn).
    • Re-introduce RPM package for CentOS 8.
    • Add cleaner names for Microsoft Edge in Winapp2.ini.
    • Fix: all native cleaners were missing in portable mode after downloading Winapp2.ini (reported by ediowar).
  • Developers


  • Add Yiddish translation thanks to Bernard Stafford
  • Update Afrikaans translation thanks to bernard stafford
  • Update Bengali translation thanks to রিমন সাঁঈ [Remon Shai]
  • Update Brazilian Portuguese translation thanks to André Gondim, Clemente Junior, Neliton Pereira Jr., Paulo Guzmán, Rodrigo Henrique
  • Update Catalan translation thanks to Paulo Guzmán, VPablo
  • Update Chinese (Traditional) translation thanks to Pin-hsien Lee
  • Update Chinese (Simplified) translation thanks to Eric Xu, Paulo Guzmán
  • Update Czech translation thanks to Daniel Čermák
  • Update Dutch translation thanks to bernard stafford
  • Update English (Australia) translation thanks to Jared Norris, Paulo Guzmán
  • Update English (United Kingdom) translation thanks to Anthony Harrington, Stephan Woidowski
  • Update Finnish translation thanks to Jiri Grönroos
  • Update French translation thanks to Edouard Marquez, Jean-Luc Aufranc, Jean-Marc, Jean-Paul GERST, Mathieu Pasquet, Steve Dodier-Lazaro, Tux 528, Éfrit
  • Update Galician translation thanks to Marcos Lans
  • Update German translation thanks to Paulo Guzmán, Stephan Woidowski
  • Update Hebrew translation thanks to Yaron
  • Update Hindi translation thanks to Asutosh, Neelima Samaiya
  • Update Indonesian translation thanks to Abdul Munif Hanafi
  • Update Japanese translation thanks to Shinichirou Yamada
  • Update Korean translation thanks to B. W. Knight, Bundo, Para, Yeongha Kim, yonchan
  • Update Malay translation thanks to abuyop
  • Update Portuguese translation thanks to Carlos Geadas, Formatado, Gmood, JL, Pedro Silva, Sérgio Marques, nglnx
  • Update Romanian translation thanks to Vlad Paul Paval
  • Update Russian translation thanks to Aleksey Kabanov
  • Update Spanish translation thanks to Paulo Guzmán, VPablo
  • Update Swedish translation thanks to Jonatan Nyberg
  • Update Ukrainian translation thanks to Jon900

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Known issues

When cleaning free disk space on Windows, you may seea OSError: [Error 22] Invalid argument message.

When cleaning Google Chrome history on Windows, you may see a UnicodeDecodeError message.

When cleaning special system files on Windows, you may see a TypeError or "access denied" message.

For fixes for these issues, use BleachBit 4.1.0 beta.


Installation packages are ready for Microsoft Windows, Ubuntu, Linux Mint, Fedora, Debian, and openSUSE.

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