BleachBit 3.2.0

We are pleased to announce BleachBit 3.2.0. This is a primarily a maintenance release with bug fixes.


April 19, 2020: BleachBit 4.0.0 has been released.


These are the changes since version 3.0:

  • Add labels to the toolbar icons (suggested by Rogério Brito).
    BleachBit 3.2.0 on Windows 10
  • Refactor Miro cleaner to use multi-value variables (thanks to Tobias-B-Besemer).
  • Move VIM deep scan option to the deep scan cleaner, so the VIM cleaner can automatically hide on systems where it is not needed.
  • Fix the error message Fix OperationalError: no such column: lower_term when cleaning Google Chrome and related browsers (reported first by sibernetik).
  • Fix: Do not delete ~/.htpasswd (reported by ZerooCool).
  • Fix: the clipboard was not cleared (reported by SenpaiSharp).
  • Fix: delete Google Chrome Favicons, even when the History file is missing (reported by sibernetik).
  • Specific to Linux
    • Show a three-part version number 3.2.0 instead of a two-part version number like 3.2.
    • Clean the DNF package manager (thanks to klslz).
    • Improve application launcher and AppStream information (thanks to terrycloth).
    • Fix: work without X session and without GTK package (reported by graysky2).
    • Fix: RPM packages did not build for Fedora 30 and 31.
    • Fix: add missing dependencies to RPM package (thanks to toluschr).
    • Fix: remove unresolved RPM dependency to python2-gobject-devel.
    • Fix: do not require the python-scandir package on Ubuntu 16.04 because it was not available until Ubuntu 18.04 (reported by ediowar).
  • Specific to Windows
    • Show a four-part version number like instead of a two-part version number like 3.0 (suggested by Tobias-B-Besemer).
    • Show a better executable description, as seen in Windows Task Manager (suggested by Tobias-B-Besemer).
    • Add icon to context menu (thanks to Tobias-B-Besemer).
    • Improve the installer: add logo, add ability to uninstall components (thanks to Tobias-B-Besemer).
    • Add warning to shellbags option that it will reset the position of desktop icons (reported by David N.).
    • Fix the error "there is no disk in the drive" (first reported by Mark).
    • Fix: the maximize button moved the application window off the screen (thanks to Max Khon).
    • Fix: when cleaning Internet Explorer, do not delete volume mixer settings (reported by tonedev).
    • Fix: do not follow junctions in Recycle Bin (reported by SenpaiSharp, fixed by Max Khon).
    • Fix the ability to close the application after cleaning memory (reported by ediowar, fixed by Max Khon).
  • Developers
    • Maintainers of Linux packages: please note improved launcher, improved AppStream, and multiple fixes to dependencies.

What's next after BleachBit 3.2? In a separate code branch, much progress has been made for to update BleachBit from Python 2.7 to Python 3.x.

Known issues

Many issues have been identified and resolved in BleachBit 3.9.2 beta.


  • Update Afrikaans translation thanks to bernard stafford
  • Update Catalan translation thanks to VPablo
  • Update Chinese (Traditional) translation thanks to Pin-hsien Lee
  • Update Dutch translation thanks to bernard stafford
  • Update English (Canada) translation thanks to Cameron White
  • Update Finnish translation thanks to Jiri Grönroos
  • Update French translation thanks to Edouard Marquez, Jean-Marc, Pierre Slamich, Éfrit
  • Update Galician translation thanks to Marcos Lans
  • Update German translation thanks to Stephan Woidowski, Tobias B. Besemer
  • Update Hungarian translation thanks to Csaba Vágányik, zoli
  • Update Indonesian translation thanks to Ari Setyo Wibowo, Ramdhani Fathurrohman, Wiliams Andrian
  • Update Italian translation thanks to Marco Ciampa
  • Update Japanese translation thanks to Shinichirou Yamada
  • Update Malay translation thanks to abuyop
  • Update Norwegian Bokmal translation thanks to FreewareTips
  • Update Polish translation thanks to Piotr Strębski
  • Update Russian translation thanks to Aleksey Kabanov
  • Update Slovak translation thanks to Jose Riha
  • Update Spanish translation thanks to Toni Estevez
  • Update Swedish translation thanks to Jens Stääf, Jonatan Nyberg, sweidre
  • Update Turkish translation thanks to Aydin Ilker Alp, alquirel
  • Update Ukrainian translation thanks to Jon900, Vadym

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