BleachBit 3.9.2 beta

Please test BleachBit 3.9.2 beta, which will become the 4.0.0 major release.


April 19, 2020: BleachBit 4.0.0 has been released.


For a list of changes see the commit log and GitHub bug tracker.


In addition to the tests for BleachBit 3.9.0 beta, these areas are the focus of testing.

These tests are for both Windows and Linux.

  • Clean VLC, and there should be no errors (issues 737, 740, 788).
  • Maximinize, unmaximize, minimize, and restore the application window. It should not freeze or disappear (issues 663, 743, and 821).
  • Open the application menu, choose diagnostics, and click the copy button. Verify the information was copied to the clipboard.


  • Clean APT autoremove, and it should detect how much space was freed (issue 322).


  • The application starts without crashing.
  • After wiping free space, verify there are no files with random names left behind (issue 502).
  • Run a cleaning operation that takes a few second. Minimize the BleachBit window until it is done. Verify there is a pop-up notification that it finished (issue 822).
  • Set the Windows language to your favorite non-English language, and start BleachBit. If the langauge is one of ~60 supported languages, GTK message should be translated. The GTK messages are distinct from BleachBit's messages. The GTK languages are basic messages such as OK, open, close, cancel, and delete (issue 429).
  • In the preferences, enable overwriting files. Then delete some files, and there should not be an error (PR 832).
  • In the tree view showing the list of cleaners, the arrows should not be missing (issue 853.
  • In the preferences, enable updates for Winapp2.ini. In the list of cleaners, you should see Microsoft Edge instead of numbers 3005 and 3006.
  • Enable the Windows 10 theme and then enable the dark theme. Try all four combinations of themes.


See the downloads folder. For Linux, there are .deb and .rpm packages. For Windows, there is a digitally signed installer and portable package.

After testing

If something is broken, please file a bug report. If it works well, please post a comment with what you tested in the testing forum, as a comment at the bottom of this page, or as a GitHub issue.

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