Multi-value variable in cleanerML


1. Is this feature available in 2.0?
2. Can I reference a variable in nregex="" string?



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Shredding a file after I was done with it to be informed that I couldn't because it doesn't exist. So I tried to delete the folder and the same thing happens. Look at it instead of just clicking, and realize that it's name changed, check it, and it's the same folder, same contents, but renaming itself.

Virus? How do I whack this mole, is this a new way to keep trackers from being deleted or something? This was a web document in my download dir not a system file.

Ubuntu - can't install any software since running Bleachbit. Please help

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Hi all,

I've posted in reddit but having slow progress there so coming to the source.

I ran BleachBit for the first time and since then whenever I try and install anything it never works.
The full reddit thread is here:

Here are the key points:

When I try and install anything with apt install etc it fails.

sudo apt install nautilus-image-converter

It spits out this error:

Is there any restriction on custom files/folders for deletion?

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I currently use Bleachbit 1.12 under Linux Mint 18.
I have a long list of (localization) files for deletion due to some non-standard/manual software installations.
I've manually added them via Edit > Preferences > Custom and there's nothing wrong with their locations af far as I can see - e.g. /home/sadi/.local/share/locale/ru, (user) /opt/bluegriffon/distribution/extensions/ (system).
However, I don't see them listed during Preview, or Cleaned afterward.

RHEL 7.4 bleachbit cant install

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Hi, I am trying to install bleachbit on a RHEL 7.4 install


The package is not recognized by package installer. I get an error:

Sorry, this did not work. The file is not supported. Close


When I try via commandline

Other install options?


Is the "/S", silent switch the only option for the Windows install? I'm looking specifically for an option to not add a desktop icon. (I am looking to avoid removing the icon after-the-fact.)


Windows auto deployment


Hi to all, I am new to this forum, and also to Bleachbit.
My goal is to automate the deployment on large number of machines (usually I make scripts in AutoIT)
My questions:
1)How to install Bleachbit with with the option to download winapp2.ini already checked ?
2) Or in alternative: can I run Bleachbit pointing to a winapp2.ini on a shared folder and use it ? (also because I have machines not browsing the internet...)

BleachBit finds passwords to delete even though Chromium is set to not store passwords


Browser: Chromium version 60.0.3112.78 (Developer Build)
OS: Linux Mint 18.2 (32-bit)

I have encountered an odd problem with BleachBit and Chromium:
I have Chromium set to not save any passwords, yet when I close the browser and click on "Clean" in BleachBit (standard, non-root version), BB identifies that I have passwords.
This happens every time without fail, yet in the right-hand pane in BB I can see that no passwords have been deleted.

Bleachbit 1.12 has started throwing up same three errors

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Error in execution of
Error in execution of
Error in execution of

About two weeks ago, Bleachbit started throwing up the above errors everytime I used it.

Tried to report as a bug to it's website but kept getting routed to Ubuntu for some insane reason. I am currnetly using Bleachbit in both Debian and Windows 7 and am quite happy with it, apart from these three errors?. This problem is occuring in Windows 7.

** How Can I UNDO An Accidental Deletion??? **



I just performed a browser and system cleanup on Windows Vista..

While the cleaning was performed, I tried minimizing the BleachBit window, which wouldn't minimize, and clicked a folder on my desktop to look at its contents..

Apparently, BleachBit, while running the system and browser cleanup, "mistook" the folder I wanted to view as an item to be deleted - and deleted it/all contents..

grr.. hiss..


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