Other install options?


Is the "/S", silent switch the only option for the Windows install? I'm looking specifically for an option to not add a desktop icon. (I am looking to avoid removing the icon after-the-fact.)


Help with running BleachBit in Centos 6.6 server



I sucessfully installed python in my KVM CentOS 6.6 server and downloaded and installed BleachBit1.6-1.1. Below you can see the steps I performed. However, when I try to run BleachBit it will not do it and display the error message "RuntimeError: could not open display". Any advice on how to solve this is welcome!



Cannot install bleachbit-bonus (ever since release of 1.0)


When I try to install bleachbit-bonus (0.8.2) on Linux Mint 13 LTS (Ubuntu 12.04 LTS), I get this error message:

"trying to overwrite '/usr/share/bleachbit/cleaners/sqlite3.xml', which is also in package bleachbit 1.0"

Does this mean that bleachbit-bonus is in need of an update / repackage?

bleachbit-bonus might as well be set to version 1.0 now, since it has been so long.

RPM instal bug

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Use OpenSuse 12.1.

RPM : Bleachbit 0.9.5-1.1

RPM install not work

"bleachbit-lang-0.9.0-3.1.3.noarch requires bleachbit = 0.9.0, but this requirement cannot be provided"


Use bleachbit correct installed!!!

Not Working for Ubuntu 12.04 LTS


I installed Ubuntu 12.04 LTS on my computer. I opened Ubuntu Software Center and typed "bleachbit" and only one option came up. I downloaded and installed it. It does not work. I double-click the bleachbit icon and nothing (visible) happens. I tried opening it as Administrator and it prompts me with a password. After I enter my password, nothing happens. I visited the Sourceforge download page and saw a list of Ubuntu versions but Ubuntu 12.04 LTS was missing. Is this why it doesn't work? Is there just not a version of bleachbit for it yet? Is it just me?

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