BleachBit Cannot Update


Sometimes as soon as BeachBit is started, it tries to update, but cannot. I get this message instead:
Error when opening a network connection to check for updates. Please verify the network is working and that a firewall is not blocking this application. Error message:

--list Not Working


I am running BleachBit 4.00 on Windows 7 Professional. I have Spybot installed as my anti-virus program. It has no direct way of shutting off, except to use the Task Manager. I fixed a bug with the RTBackup folder that interferes with various services since Vista and has not yet been addressed by Microsoft. I still cannot get a listing of Bleach Bit options using --list even if I use the full path and extension.

I cannot think of any other reason why this is not working. Does anyone have any suggestions as to what might be the cause?


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After running program do the cleaned files remain in the RAM or is a reboot required?



Bleachbit 4.0 will not remove Google Chrome history

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This happens every day - I run BleachBit and an error posts saying Google Chrome history couldn't be removed.
I have to manually follow the path, remove it, then run the app again. This never happened when I first got it. What could be going wrong? I haven't changed any settings or preferences.
Thank you for your help.

My Quick Access pins are being deleted.

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BleachBit version 4.0.0
Build number 1628
GTK version 3.18.9
SQLite version 3.31.1

When I run BleachBit with the default settings (as installed) my Quick Access pins are deleted. Is there a way to stop this without disabling: Windows Explorer, Recent documents list?

Bleachbit language


I just installed Bleachbit 3.2.0 as an upgrade to version 3.0 on a French Windows system. Version 3.0 had its UI in English. Version 3.2.0 automatically installed its UI in the system locale, i.e. in French. I much prefer to have an English UI. How can I switch to English Bleachbit on my French system?

Error messages previously unseen


I've had the following error messages appear without having these issues in the past:
[Error 5] Access is denied.: Command to delete C:\WINDOWS\temp\6A67A598-3E02-4159-AE42-3B3A08B9C078308.1d4e8a4a2bb4ff7\1.291.862.0_to_1.291.908.0_mpasdlta.vdm._p
[Error 5] Access is denied.: Command to delete C:\WINDOWS\temp\6A67A598-3E02-4159-AE42-3B3A08B9C078308.1d4e8a4a2bb4ff7\1.291.862.0_to_1.291.908.0_mpavdlta.vdm._p
[Error 5] Access is denied.: Command to delete C:\WINDOWS\temp\6A67A598-3E02-4159-AE42-3B3A08B9C078308.1d4e8a4a2bb4ff7\mpasdlta.vdm

Google Chrome


I ran BleachBit several times and received this message each time:

Google Chrome cannot be cleaned because it is currently running. Close it, and try again.

In each case Google Chrome was not running.



Broken Search on Windows 10

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I ran a full cleaning of my windows 10 computer except for deep scan, and when I tried to use the search function nothing from my own system comes up. Only internet searches and obscure files appear, and it seems to have deleted the search's ability to find my apps, and settings. Has anybody else had this problem or know how to fix it? also i am running insider fast ring update 18317, if that matters. Please this is really frustrating so if anybody has come across this before please help me out!

Exception error while running system


Hi, I'm trying to clean out my mother's old computer using BleachBit (old as in, running Windows 7). There's around 4.5GB of 'crap' waiting to get removed from the System category, which it finds during pre-search, but when running the cleaner, it tells me that some parts of System was skipped due to, and I quote:

''utf8' codec can't decode byte 0xe6 in position 18: invalid continuation byte'

What is this?


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