BleachBit Cannot Update


Sometimes as soon as BeachBit is started, it tries to update, but cannot. I get this message instead:
Error when opening a network connection to check for updates. Please verify the network is working and that a firewall is not blocking this application. Error message:

SourceForge update notice for Bleachbit

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Thought you should be aware that the SourceForge software update notice for Bleachbit, when selected, still points to version 1.5.2

bleachbit 0.8.7 updater bug?

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Puppy Linux 5.2 (Ubuntu-Lucid)
Xfce window manager

have bleachbit set to check for updates.
but always see version 0.8.6
never had that version installed.

always get this link:

Security concerns for updates...

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Very fine software.

I have an important security concern I'm hoping you can help solve.

Question 1:
How can I be sure the .xml updates are legitimate and from you,
what checks are in place? Is there a method to verify the updates via hash or key or otherwise?

Question 2:
Can I accept 'all' updates at once without having to click OK to each one?

Thank you much.

Bleachbit 0.6.5 update message to 0.6.5 version?


Hi, Zephyros here, I'm using Fedora 11, kernel, EXT4 FS, 1.5 GB of RAM.

Everytime I open Bleachbit which I installed from RPM downloaded from official page I get a message "Bleachbit update is available", but the "new" version is the very same I'm using, kind of weird, any idea?

BTW, if I click on "Update Bleachbit" button I get to the homepage and it has the 0.6.5 version I already have installed.

Here's the shell output:

$ bleachbit
info: starting BleachBit version 0.6.5
debug: appicon_path = '/usr/share/pixmaps/bleachbit.png'

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