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I just installed Bleachbit 3.2.0 as an upgrade to version 3.0 on a French Windows system. Version 3.0 had its UI in English. Version 3.2.0 automatically installed its UI in the system locale, i.e. in French. I much prefer to have an English UI. How can I switch to English Bleachbit on my French system?

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Windows 10 64 bit

go to the folder and remove the folders with the languages other than english.

I prefer the old version of the program better

The folder is
"C:\Users\User's Name\AppData\Local\BleachBit\share\locale".
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There are a few ways to make BleachBit to show in English

1. Delete the locale folder, as Pepito69 suggested

2. Download and use the English installer

3. When using the regular (non-English) installer, uncheck the option to install translations

4. In the Windows Control Panel, change the Windows language to English

Andrew, lead developer

By the way, today I updated the FAQ Q: How do I see BleachBit in my own language on Microsoft Windows?. It had some of this information, but it didn't cover the scenario of forcing BleachBit to show in English.

Andrew, lead developer