Windows auto deployment


Hi to all, I am new to this forum, and also to Bleachbit.
My goal is to automate the deployment on large number of machines (usually I make scripts in AutoIT)
My questions:
1)How to install Bleachbit with with the option to download winapp2.ini already checked ?
2) Or in alternative: can I run Bleachbit pointing to a winapp2.ini on a shared folder and use it ? (also because I have machines not browsing the internet...)
3) Is there a way to "export" checkbox selections made in the gui about cleaning rules, to use in in the command line ? (very lazy question I know...)

Thank you all in advance.

One way to enable the option download winapp2.ini is to edit the configuration file in %appdata%\bleachbit\bleachbit.ini . You will find the called update_winapp2.

When installing BleachBit, maybe you want to push out a pre-made configuration file too. Confgure BleachBit on one machine, and then copy this bleachbit.ini file to others machines.

You can install the Winapp2.ini file by dropping it into the personal_cleaner_dir. You can find the exact path by clicking Help - System Information. It is equivalent to %APPDATA\BleachBit\Cleaners

There is a command line option called --preset that uses the options set in the graphical interface.

Andrew, lead developer

Very good, I'll work on these info and I let you know.
Thank you