Windows auto deployment


Hi to all, I am new to this forum, and also to Bleachbit.
My goal is to automate the deployment on large number of machines (usually I make scripts in AutoIT)
My questions:
1)How to install Bleachbit with with the option to download winapp2.ini already checked ?
2) Or in alternative: can I run Bleachbit pointing to a winapp2.ini on a shared folder and use it ? (also because I have machines not browsing the internet...)

Log file creation


I'm using the command line bleach bit and I wanted to get a LOG file something along the lines of

470 files removed
121.23MB saved

Removed files:


Mozilla cleaned
Chrome cleaned

How would I go about this? I've seen a bleach it.exe.log but this was not what I was looking for.

Thanks heaps. Absolutely brilliant software.

Using Bleachbit in a shell script


I moved the topic here from the forum at

andrewziem wrote:


Regarding "bleachbit --user xyz" you can try this command

HOME=/home/bob sudo bob --delete firefox.cache

When run as root, that changes the HOME variable to /home/bob, changes to the
user bob, and runs the command.


Thanks for the suggestion. I hadn't got round to trying out the CLI until now.

I set up a shell script as follows:

cd $HOME
bleachbit --delete evolution.cache

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