Other install options?


Is the "/S", silent switch the only option for the Windows install? I'm looking specifically for an option to not add a desktop icon. (I am looking to avoid removing the icon after-the-fact.)


I just realized that the icons (desktop and start menu) are installed for the installing user (v1.12). This is OK for a user application (i.e. installed for only the user), but "improper" for a machine-install. If installed as SYSTEM (as happens with most deployments), there are NO icons! I would classify this as an installer bug, not a software bug.

I should have said the icons are installed ONLY for the installing user. No other user can (easily) see that BleachBit is installed.

Would you agree it is the same as issue GH#230? It is currently targeted for BleachBit 2.2. (BleachBit 2.0 should be out soon.)

Andrew, lead developer

Yes, mostly. The (4-year-old -- ugh) issues you referenced are the same as my pointer to the improper/nonstandard install, but I would also like to see some of the GUI installer options (like icons) available on the command line.

Slated for 2.2, huh? Well, I guess glacial progress is still forward movement, right? :-)



If a issue is being reported multiple times, we usually make it more of a priority, but it also depends on how much work is needed. If it is extremely time consuming, then we need to pull it off for awhile to get other issues fixed. Andrew is the only one really developing BleachBit full time. Occasionally, he will get a few PRs on GitHub from time to time.

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