Linux - free space wipe of partitions


Hi ... thanks for this great software. I am running v2.0 on Ubuntu 18.04. My disk is set up with partitions for:
- / (root)
- swap
- /home

Question 1:
When go to Preferences / Drives to set the wiping folder, I can see it defaults to a folder in /home. For added security, should I also be specifying a folder in the / partition?

Question 2:
Am I right in thinking that Wipe Free Space will automatically wipe the swap partition?


Format Feature?



Is there an bootable ISO available for BleachBit that can format/wipe hard drives like Darik's Boot and Nuke (DBAN)? Is there a format/wipe feature within BleachBit to completely erase hard drives within Linux, Windows, etc?

Overwrite Free Disc Space


When I try to use this option, I get a warning that it will take a long time. Then when I proceed, it takes less than one minute to finish, and I get these error messages:

[SOLVED] Wipe function in Linux: Is choosing the user's home folder enough?


I have 'home' on a separate partition. When using BleachBit's wipe function, it offers me to choose a folder to wipe. By default it's 'home' or to be precise: 'home/username/'. Now I wonder how BleachBit determines the space to delete based on a directory. Shouldn't BleachBit rather wipe all unused space in home instead of only the current user's home folder. I mean, couldn't there be file relicts from that user's home folder stored somewhere in an area that is out of that folder?


Wipe free space filled my system


this morning my hard drive was 53% full. now it is 93% full. this happened when I ran bleachbit set to wipe free space. It didn't quite finish wiping before I closed it because it was taking too long to finish. How can I clear the excess data?

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