BleachBit 2.0/LinuxLite3.8

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got a bit of non-urgent, i think, concern. i'm using BB2.0 on LinuxLite3.8 (based on Ubuntu16.04,not dual boot). when i run BB as admin, i notice that while BB is doing it's thing 258m shows up in APT. it doesn't show up everytime, on occasion if i run BB twice in a row (just for fun) that 258m will show up again. i have run `Free Disk Space' and it still comes up. i have removed and re-installed BB several no avail.

also (maybe this is no concern) when i run BB (after i run BB as admin) as non-admin, when it's done i have 3 errors as the very end. if i run BB before i run BB as admin, i'll get any where from 19-72 errors.

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LinuxLite 3.8