BleachBit occupies the entire free disk space after wipe swap and free space.


After running Bleachbit to clean Firefox(cache, DOM, cookies etc) , wipe swap and free space storage Bleachbit occupies whole storage although free space around is 7-8GB.

Linux - free space wipe of partitions


Hi ... thanks for this great software. I am running v2.0 on Ubuntu 18.04. My disk is set up with partitions for:
- / (root)
- swap
- /home

Question 1:
When go to Preferences / Drives to set the wiping folder, I can see it defaults to a folder in /home. For added security, should I also be specifying a folder in the / partition?

Question 2:
Am I right in thinking that Wipe Free Space will automatically wipe the swap partition?


BigSwap causes grumble


howdy BB - excellent tool, folks

BB report/log grumbled:
After fresh install today of Mint 18 'Sarah' Mate, vintage 2016-07
on system w/8g dRAM (minus IGP@128mB)
Followed old guideline, and partitioned
to be sized 2x phys.ram = 16gB (16,384mB)

Is BB only a 13-bit app ?
Ha. Ha ha. Ha.


A positive attitude _is_, however

Thanks, all

- - - scrot - - -

Swap issues in Bleachbit on Ubuntu 15.10


This has been going on for quite some time now, and I'm sorry to say that I never bothered to report this one. For how many Ubuntu versions and Bleachbit versions, some sort of error pops out in red after cleaning. I checked Gparted, and Bleachbit was able to disable the swap, but it did not enable the swap when done cleaning. This may or may not affect other Linux distros. I'll edit this post or comment with the exact error. As before, let me know if you need additional info for debugging the issue.

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