Linux - free space wipe of partitions


Hi ... thanks for this great software. I am running v2.0 on Ubuntu 18.04. My disk is set up with partitions for:
- / (root)
- swap
- /home

Question 1:
When go to Preferences / Drives to set the wiping folder, I can see it defaults to a folder in /home. For added security, should I also be specifying a folder in the / partition?

Question 2:
Am I right in thinking that Wipe Free Space will automatically wipe the swap partition?


(5, 'MoveFileEx', 'Access is denied.')


I keep getting: (5, 'MoveFileEx', 'Access is denied.')
I have full Admin rights, this error message (159 times) only started appearing after Bleachbit last upgraded.
Any ideas as to why?
Thanks, Lief

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