Bleachbit is wiping Google Chrome Extension Preferences

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I'm running Bleachbit 0.8.8 and whenever I do a wipe it is also wipining my Google Chrome Extension Data.... For instance my LastPass gets wiped out and so does my WiseStamp extension (For Gmail Signatures)

I though Bleachbit avoided nuking preferences for extensions?

gxine playlist history cleaning

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I would suggest to add the cleaning of the gxine play list history
located here : $HOME/.config/gxine/playlist

Many thanks for BleachBit !

Brasero Cleaning

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I would like to suggest cleaning for Brasero burning software under Linux. Brasero automatically saves a Recent Projects list that I would like to be cleaned. If that can be added that would be awesome. Thanks.

Ubuntu: Error when starting up as normal user

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I'm trying to run BB under Ubuntu Natty (11), and I get this in the console:

info: starting BleachBit version 0.8.7
Traceback (most recent call last):
File "/usr/bin/bleachbit", line 804, in
gui = GUI()
File "/usr/bin/bleachbit", line 783, in __init__
File "/usr/bin/bleachbit", line 714, in create_window
operations = self.create_operations_box()
File "/usr/bin/bleachbit", line 448, in create_operations_box
self.tree_store = TreeInfoModel()
File "/usr/bin/bleachbit", line 70, in __init__

Gnome3: Background removed after the clean up.

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Hi everybody, just writing here to inform you that probably Bleachbit it's not ready for Gnome 3.
When I run the application it usually remove the background and I need to set it again. That's not so strange since the last version was out before Gnome 3.
I'm Just trying to make my little contribute, I didn't find out what make it remove the background. I don't know if it was something already known.
If is something new I can investigate more and give you more information and thank you for this great piece of software.

new ubuntu 11.04


the new ubuntu Natty 11.04 arrived,

soon bleachbit 0.8.7-1 compatible with ubuntu natty 11.04 ?

the password "admin" (root) does not exist

example :

[Errno 13] Permission non accordée: '/usr/share/locale/haw/LC_MESSAGES'
[Errno 13] Permission non accordée: '/usr/share/locale/haw'
[Errno 1] Opération non permise: '/usr/share/locale/sd/LC_MESSAGES/'
[Errno 13] Permission non accordée: '/usr/share/locale/sd/LC_MESSAGES'
[Errno 13] Permission non accordée: '/usr/share/locale/sd'
[Errno 1] Opération non permise: '/usr/share/locale/ar/LC_MESSAGES/'

Option to Clear Partition Trash

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Suggestion: Add an option so that when running as root you can clean out ALL trash files on all partitions. Currently, you have no way to use BleachBit to clean out trash in places like /usr/local or /opt if they are separate partitions.

Can we use bleachbit with sudo on Ubuntu (10.04+) ?

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Will crash the system if we use the bleachbit with sudo on Ubuntu (10.04+) ? Is there users (on this forums) who had try it ?

Thank you!

BleachBit and Mandriva 2010.2

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In when version for Mandriva 2010.2 ?

Thank you

"warning: cannot find GPLv3 license text file"

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I'm using the RHEL6 based Scientific Linux 6.0 and downloaded the latest source code (bleachbit-0.8.7.tar.bz2) to compile BleachBit. Running sudo python install gives me this warning: "warning: cannot find GPLv3 license text file". The install process seems to finish nonetheless, except Bleachbit isn't installed at all.


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