BleachBit won't delete Chrome history and cache

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I haven't noticed this 'till recently, as you can see in the screenshot, Chrome cache and history are selected, After cleaning it reports the amount of deleted data but the data is still there when I check.
Notice the error reporting, BleacBit couldn't find some specified Windows folders too.
C/Users/USER/AppData/local/Google was marked as ''Read-only'' so I tried to unmark it and run BB again - nothing new happened.

BleachBit version - 4.00
Windows 10 64bit (2004)

Why my cache cleaning is so slow?

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Hi everyone,

Recently I began to use BleachBit 1.10 and I executed it every day.

Ok, I use in my distro Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox like my browsers and the last days I noticed that the bleachbit cleaner takes a lot of time more than before (around the five minutes) for delete my caché files. So, I re-installed Firefox but the problem continues. It's this a normal behavior? Or I must to do something for fix it?

Some Info:

chrome/firefox cache clean for Profiles other than default


chrome/ff cache cleaning for non-default profiles

Ubuntu 12.04-BB 1.4 no longer clears .cache


It never did fully, (always left "dconf") but now it leaves:
/home/[username]/.cache/mozilla/firefox/[profile name]/{cache data}, and
/home/[username]/.cache/thunderbird/[profile name]/{cache data} !

Also FWIW, BB never did delete:
and it leaves an "InstallTime..." file in
/home/[username]/.thunderbird/Crash Reports

Will clean Flash Coockies too ??


There are advanced cookies( also called Flash Cookies ) stored by sites on the computer, and those are very hard to find( usually stored in the Temporary files ) and cannot be deleted via browser's erasing options. Will BleachBit surely erase those too ? thankyou for help!

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