non-default browsers location

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i'm noticing BB isn't cleaning my browser profiles due to its located in diff drive/folder than default on win7 though they are listed in their respective profiles.ini file.

i make use of waterfox & palemoon & firefox.

is it just a matter to make an addition of these browser profile locations in preferences->custom ? or there is some other mojo i need to do? tia

Bleachbit 2.2 killed my firefox :(

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Upgraded from 2.0 to 2.2, and did a routine cleanup with most things checked under the Firefox and Mozilla settings. Afterward, firefox completely broke. Webpages won't load, extensions won't load.... What's going on?

Tried reinstalling firefox, but problem persists.

Please help!

Why my cache cleaning is so slow?

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Hi everyone,

Recently I began to use BleachBit 1.10 and I executed it every day.

Ok, I use in my distro Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox like my browsers and the last days I noticed that the bleachbit cleaner takes a lot of time more than before (around the five minutes) for delete my caché files. So, I re-installed Firefox but the problem continues. It's this a normal behavior? Or I must to do something for fix it?

Some Info:

chrome/firefox cache clean for Profiles other than default


chrome/ff cache cleaning for non-default profiles

[Ubuntu] Firefox cleaner problem

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There is a problem with the Firefox cleaner in my user profile on Ubuntu 14.04
The preview buttons only result in

"Disk space to be recovered: 0
Files to be deleted: 0"

except for Cache and Crash reports.

In another user profile, the firefox cleaner does not present this problem.
I tried to remove ~/.config/bleachbit and reinstall bleachbit 1.10 but it does not fix it.

Screenshot here:

Cleaner XML file for Firefox?


Does Bleachbit (1.6) use an XML cleaner file for Firefox (now at v33) - the same as for Thunderbird, Opera, Chromium, etc?

I do not keep my Firefox or Tbird profiles in default location.
They're on a separate partition - F:\.
I can see the files that BB finds / shows to be cleaned, for the default Firefox profile.
BB only cleans part of some files - not delete the entire file.

Ubuntu 12.04-BB 1.4 no longer clears .cache


It never did fully, (always left "dconf") but now it leaves:
/home/[username]/.cache/mozilla/firefox/[profile name]/{cache data}, and
/home/[username]/.cache/thunderbird/[profile name]/{cache data} !

Also FWIW, BB never did delete:
and it leaves an "InstallTime..." file in
/home/[username]/.thunderbird/Crash Reports

[SOLVED] How to Complete Clear Firefox URL History?


In general, I love the program. But so far I haven't found how to completely remove a URL from within Firefox's memory. I have all options checked within BB for Firefox. However, after having run BB, if I type a URL -- for a site I've directly typed in the past -- into the address bar, Firefox remembers the hostname. It doesn't remember all the pages I've been to, but it does remember the domain. This seems a little insecure. How can I totally clear the History with BB?

OS: Ubuntu 14.04
Browser: Firefox 29.0
BlearchBit: 1.0

Will clean the History and Cache if I will use a Portable version of Firefox browser ??


I need to clean all the privacy files of my Portable browser that I use, Firefox. I dont have it installed on my PC, I have Chrome installed, but I want to know if its possible to clean the History files of the Portable Firefox. Thankyou !!

delete Firefox history


BB doesn't seem to remove all of the Firefox history. I visited , closed Firefox , ran BB. When I started Firefox again, I searched for Napa auto parts in the Firefox Google search box. The results returned by Google for were highlighted , showing that I visited that site already. Running BB should have removed the history, right? I don't get it. Why does this happen? I'm using BB 0.9.3, Firefox 14.0.1 and Linux Mint 11.


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