BleachBit won't delete Chrome history and cache

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I haven't noticed this 'till recently, as you can see in the screenshot, Chrome cache and history are selected, After cleaning it reports the amount of deleted data but the data is still there when I check.
Notice the error reporting, BleacBit couldn't find some specified Windows folders too.
C/Users/USER/AppData/local/Google was marked as ''Read-only'' so I tried to unmark it and run BB again - nothing new happened.

BleachBit version - 4.00
Windows 10 64bit (2004)

Will clean Flash Coockies too ??


There are advanced cookies( also called Flash Cookies ) stored by sites on the computer, and those are very hard to find( usually stored in the Temporary files ) and cannot be deleted via browser's erasing options. Will BleachBit surely erase those too ? thankyou for help!

Will clean the History and Cache if I will use a Portable version of Firefox browser ??


I need to clean all the privacy files of my Portable browser that I use, Firefox. I dont have it installed on my PC, I have Chrome installed, but I want to know if its possible to clean the History files of the Portable Firefox. Thankyou !!

delete Firefox history


BB doesn't seem to remove all of the Firefox history. I visited www.napaonline.com , closed Firefox , ran BB. When I started Firefox again, I searched for Napa auto parts in the Firefox Google search box. The results returned by Google for www.napaonline.com were highlighted , showing that I visited that site already. Running BB should have removed the history, right? I don't get it. Why does this happen? I'm using BB 0.9.3, Firefox 14.0.1 and Linux Mint 11.

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