BleachBit won't delete Chrome history and cache

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I haven't noticed this 'till recently, as you can see in the screenshot, Chrome cache and history are selected, After cleaning it reports the amount of deleted data but the data is still there when I check.
Notice the error reporting, BleacBit couldn't find some specified Windows folders too.
C/Users/USER/AppData/local/Google was marked as ''Read-only'' so I tried to unmark it and run BB again - nothing new happened.

BleachBit version - 4.00
Windows 10 64bit (2004)

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Windows 10 2004

The screenshot is missing. To a post a screenshot in the forum, please it to an image hosting service such as or Imggur, and then post the URL here. You don't need to use HTML, but if you do, switch the text format (see the dropdown below your post).

Alternatively, you can post an issue with a screenshot to GitHub

Andrew, lead developer

I have posted everything about this issue on GitHub two weeks ago.

Anything, anybody...?

This snipboard screenshot is hard to read the letters after zooming in, but I found a better copy in your duplicate post on GitHub. I will answer on GitHub.

Andrew, lead developer

I have just tested the latest beta update, same settings - everything is now working fine, no errors.
Thank you!