Why my cache cleaning is so slow?

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Hi everyone,

Recently I began to use BleachBit 1.10 and I executed it every day.

Ok, I use in my distro Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox like my browsers and the last days I noticed that the bleachbit cleaner takes a lot of time more than before (around the five minutes) for delete my caché files. So, I re-installed Firefox but the problem continues. It's this a normal behavior? Or I must to do something for fix it?

Some Info:

Distro: Fedora 24
DE: Gnome 3
Size of caché in my last firefox session: 238.6 MiB
Size total data In firefox removed: 241.7 MiB

Thanks for advance,

1. Click Edit - Preferences
2. Uncheck Overwrite files to hide contents
3. Click Close

This should be much faster.

Andrew, lead developer

Hi and thank for your quick response,

It was unchecked, now ... ?

Oh, I have to notify you about other issue, my Google Chrome autofill not being deleted; I saw this post https://www.bleachbit.org/forum/google-chrome-autofill-not-being-deleted and I only have one profile, the default profile, this point could be moved if you consider right.

Again, thanks so much!

Regarding the slowness when you wrote "before" do you mean with different versions of the BleachBit, Google Chrome, Firefox, or Fedora? In other words, what changed?

When it is slow, what is the count of files?

Is previewing slow, or just cleaning?

As a frame of reference when I run the following command, it takes 4 seconds to preview 30,637 files. I have a hybrid SSD/HDD.
time python bleachbit.py --preview google_chrome.* firefox.* | tail

Regarding Google Chrome because it is unrelated to the slowness, it would be convenient to continue that conversation in a new forum thread or as a bug ticket here https://bugs.launchpad.net/bleachbit/ . The next step is in the Google Chrome settings to make sure it is not pulling down your autofill entries from the Cloud. Otherwise, anything BleachBit deletes Google Chrome will automatically restore from the cloud.

Andrew, lead developer