Will clean Flash Coockies too ??


There are advanced cookies( also called Flash Cookies ) stored by sites on the computer, and those are very hard to find( usually stored in the Temporary files ) and cannot be deleted via browser's erasing options. Will BleachBit surely erase those too ? thankyou for help!

Yes, for a long time BleachBit has deleted Adobe Flash cookies (also called local shared objects or LSOs). This is one of the ways BleachBit deletes zombie cookies (also called regenerative or evercookies).

Andrew, lead developer

Awesome! And what settings do I need to check to be sure they will be cleaned ?

Check Flash - Cookies and Flash - Cache which cleans Flash as it is used in most web browsers.

If you use Google Chrome, also check Google Chrome - Cache and Google Chrome - Cookies to clean the embedded Pepper Flash.

Andrew, lead developer

One caution. If it also deleted the settings.sol cookie, that stores your custom settings for flash player (I hope you used their online settings manager to set flash player prefs!!). If the settings.sol cookie is cleaned, wipes out all your settings. I wouldn't want to have to re enter my settings, each time I did a cleaning. '

But then, I don't allow Flash to set cookies (from sites / 3rd parties), or use my storage, or use my pc as a file sharing device, etc. So there's really nothing to clean. But... on the outside chance a site or vid ignores your settings & places a Flash LSO "super cookie", you'd want to clean those.

You could 1st make a BU of the settings cookie to another location, then do the cleaning, to see if BB leaves the SETTINGS cookie or not.
BB should really have an option to leave the settings cookie alone, as does Better Privacy.

To stop Flash from being a data mining trojan, you must use their online settings manager:
When you are entering choices, you are actually changing the settings that will be stored in the default location for Macromedia Flash cookies. You can search the web for where they're stored in your OS. I use (in Firefox) Better Privacy addon, because it allows leaving the settings cookie, since I don't know how BB handles that.