Thundebird cleanup is a bit of an overkill


Thunderbird in Windows is being affected by BB 1.8 even though ALL options of TB are deselected. It looses being the default email application. This becomes problematic because I also have Office outlook installed and when Thunderbird is not the default, the Bill & company wants to take over.

Ubuntu 12.04-BB 1.4 no longer clears .cache


It never did fully, (always left "dconf") but now it leaves:
/home/[username]/.cache/mozilla/firefox/[profile name]/{cache data}, and
/home/[username]/.cache/thunderbird/[profile name]/{cache data} !

Also FWIW, BB never did delete:
and it leaves an "InstallTime..." file in
/home/[username]/.thunderbird/Crash Reports

Bleachbit 0.9.0 doesn't find Thunderbird profiles


I have two Thunderbird profiles in $HOME/.thunderbird (created with thunderbird -profilemanager). These two profiles are also listed in the profiles.ini file in the same folder.
Unfortunately bleachbit doesn't show a Thunderbird entry to clean, i.e. it is automatically hidden at startup (when I show 'irrelevant cleaners' and check Thunderbird nothing is found). I'd appreciate it when this would be fixed.

Mozilla's "Rapid Release" program - How is BleachBit development affected?


As much as it seems counterproductive (well it did work for GM - for a while) to release a new version on a schedule, and yes, many of the "new versions" will just be bugfixes with a new number, how is this going to affect BleachBit?
In a few weeks , the MoFo folks are going to EOL Firefox 3.1 (they have already done this to FF4) and we all will be forced into FF5+.
(Or, maybe not... )
So for now, what is the current tested compatibility of BleachBit with FF5 and beyond?

No Thunderbird on Linux/?

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Running Ubuntu 10, Thunderbird 3, BB 0.7.4

Thunderbird does not show up in the list of applications that can be cleaned. Thunderbird does appear on Windows version of BB, not on Ubuntu

Thunderbird integration

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I would love to see Thunderbird integration just like Firefox, with cache, cookies, vacuum, etc., being incorporated into beachbit.

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