Bug when adding custom location to delete.

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I recently installed Bleachbit 0.9.3 for my Windows 7 PC. I went under >Preferences>Custom>Add-Folder, and added my user's downloads folder to be deleted. I run BleachBit and use the "clean" option, and it doesn't delete anything in my downloads folder. I also noticed that my user's downloads folder automatically gets white listed under Bleachbit preferences.

Sorry if this isn't a bug and something I've done myself, but I've just switched from CCleaner to Bleachbit. It's still a new experience for me.

Yes I notice it too. Each new directory which I add on custom list, it is adding also on the white list automatically (AFTER RESTART BLEACHBIT).

Please fix it.

Thank you!

This "custom" menu should not be shown in BleachBit version 0.9.3. It is the beginning of a new feature, but it isn't finished. Thank you for your note, and I will take care of this for the next release. For now I noted this in the release notes.

Andrew, lead developer

Please test the fix released here BleachBit 0.9.4 beta

Andrew, lead developer