I have a major problem with BleachBit


I installed BleachBit , and i was doing scans, it completely froze and I killed the process. NOW: every time i double click on windows folders (many folders, not all folders) BleachBit application (process) opens up by itself and it lists the folder contents and asks: "Are you sure you want to permanently delete these files" How can I fix this! I tried renaming BleachBit folder (to stop the application from starting), and when i did and i try to open folders I get this message: "Application not found"

Results Log Suggestion / Request


The resulting log generated by BleachBit can be overwhelming when the whole kitchen sink is cleaned out.

I would like to request one easy feature request, and one wish item.

First the easy one:
Any line denoting an error should begin with three (3) asterisks.


*** (Error 5 Access Denied)

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