Results Log Suggestion / Request


The resulting log generated by BleachBit can be overwhelming when the whole kitchen sink is cleaned out.

I would like to request one easy feature request, and one wish item.

First the easy one:
Any line denoting an error should begin with three (3) asterisks.


*** (Error 5 Access Denied)

This way a person can quickly find any errors via any search mechanism (even in notepad) by keying in three asterisks.
The way it is now, one must scroll through the whole log in hopes of seeing something in Red.
When inspecting the raw log outside of BleachBit, it is even harder as there is no color to eyeball.

Second item; Wish item

Ability to select typeface for log viewing.

I would VERY much like to use a monospaced typeface, such as Consolas, because the current default typeface makes log inspection difficult.

Otherwise ... Great Software !!!!

// With great power comes great responsibility... but I'm not claiming responsibility for nuking your machine, man.

Those are good suggestions. Maël Lavault has contributed some major changes to the GUI to make GTK+ version 3 work, and I have not fully merged those. Once merged I would like to consider changes like these.

For the short-term one way to find errors is to run clean twice in a row. Whatever caused the error the first time usually causes an error the second time.

Another idea I had is within the BleachBit GUI to provide a filter, alternate window, or some other organization.

Please consider filing a wish ticket with the title "easier way to identify errors" and in the body add your other suggestions. Launchpad helps me not lose things.

Andrew, lead developer