Potential Windows 10 bug with UAC?


I use Bleachbit on Ubuntu 15.04 and Windows 10 currently. I noticed that it doesn't show a UAC prompt on Windows 10. Is that intentional? I used it on 8.1 and previous Windows versions and it shown a UAC prompt. I thought something was up so I right clicked and ran it as an admin and it shown the prompt and seemed to find an additional 100MB of junk that it didn't find when running it literally a minute before. This is on my personal computer, not some locked down public computer. Anyone else with Windows 10 not getting the UAC prompt? I saw more "permission denied" output when cleaning when I didn't run Bleachbit as an administrator. So, is this a bug with the latest BleachBit specific to Windows 10, or is this by design? I assume the former, or I wouldn't inquire.

1. In BleachBit click Help - System Information
2. Look for the line with "win32com.shell.shell.IsUserAnAdmin()"
3. Let me know whether it is True or False

Also, let me know whether whether the user account is a standard account (not an administrator).

Andrew, lead developer

The line you requested:
win32com.shell.shell.IsUserAnAdmin() = False

Here's the whole thing for the sake of completeness:
BleachBit version 1.8
GTK version 2.16.6
local_cleaners_dir = C:\Program Files (x86)\cleaners
locale_dir = C:\Program Files (x86)\BleachBit\share\locale\
options_dir = C:\Users\Micha\AppData\Roaming\BleachBit
personal_cleaners_dir = C:\Users\Micha\AppData\Roaming\BleachBit\cleaners
system_cleaners_dir = C:\Program Files (x86)\BleachBit\share\cleaners\
locale.getdefaultlocale = ('en_US', 'cp1252')
os.getenv('APPDATA') = C:\Users\Micha\AppData\Roaming
os.getenv('LocalAppData') = C:\Users\Micha\AppData\Local
os.getenv('LocalAppDataLow') = C:\Users\Micha\AppData\LocalLow
os.getenv('Music') = C:\Users\Micha\Music
os.getenv('USERPROFILE') = C:\Users\Micha
os.getenv('ProgramFiles') = C:\Program Files (x86)
os.getenv('ProgramW6432') = C:\Program Files
os.getenv('TMP') = C:\Users\Micha\AppData\Local\Temp
os.path.expanduser('~') = C:\Users\Micha
platform.win32_ver[1]() = 6.2.9200
platform.platform = Windows-Vista-10.0.10240
sys.argv = ['C:\\Program Files (x86)\\BleachBit\\bleachbit.exe']
sys.executable = C:\Program Files (x86)\BleachBit\bleachbit.exe
sys.version = 2.5.4 (r254:67916, Dec 23 2008, 15:10:54) [MSC v.1310 32 bit (Intel)]
win32com.shell.shell.IsUserAnAdmin() = False
__file__ = C:\Program Files (x86)\BleachBit\library.zip\bleachbit\Diagnostic.pyo

The account is an admin account, and it's a Microsoft Account.


You should be getting the UAC dialog, and this does look like a bug---possibly related to Windows 10. Would you mind filing a bug ticket? In the body you can just put a link back to this forum post.

I will mark it as a high priority for the next release. This will help me manage the problem until it is resolved, and I may contact you later for further testing.

Thanks for the report!


Andrew, lead developer


Sorry, that link somehow didn't go through correctly. COpy and paste the second line into your browser. The top link will just send you back to this page.

For anyone who stumbles upon this page, this bug was fixed in BleachBit 1.10, which has much better support for Windows 10.

Andrew, lead developer