Free disk space should be OFF at every start of BleachBit


Free disk space is indispensable feature which I use often, because I am running Linux off a flash drive and I back it up often. The back up is way smaller in size using this feature.
I just have a request that this feature is dis-selected by default and only be turned on when required. I keep forgetting to dis-select it after I used it when need it and then I have to wait 30 minutes to become responsive again, not to mention unnecessary writes to my flash drive.
It is very important that this feature is OFF by default on every start of BleachBit and only selected when needed

In BleachBit 0.8.3 disable checkbox System - Free Disk Space. Then when you occasionally want to wipe free disk space, use the new file menu entry: click on the file menu, then click Wipe Free Disk Space.

Andrew, lead developer