Cleaning Firefox & evercookies - profile in non default location


Read in another post that BB doesn't find Firefox profiles in non-default locations. Is there any way around this? Yes, the path(s) are in profiles.ini. Regarding a comment made that "99% of Firefox users use default profile location" - I'd disagree. Mozilla thinks enough users are interested to create KBs how to move the profile. This isn't meant as an insult, but CCleaner has no problem finding all profiles in all locations, so it is possible. I'm assuming you just haven't gotten around to adding that capability.

Many posts on Mozillazine forum include discussion about users moving profiles to non-default location (to keep it out of C:\ drive; to make it easier to wipe empty space, if profile(s) are on separate partition & several other reasons).

Deleting (or identifying) evercookies:
I've read dozens of articles about evercookies. Not one described how to identify one - what do they look like?

I visited Bruce Schneier's site - articles about evercookies. He says one (non tracking) is placed on visitors' computers (unless they have browser configured / addons / java script disabled), that prevent evercookies. Unless he's joking, I can't find anything, but not sure exactly what to look for. From what I've read, they can take many forms & be "stored in several locations."

I have ALL cookies disabled globally, but do have JS enabled. No addons claiming to block evercookies. So, since BB can't find profiles in non-default locations, how do I identify an evercookie - for testing purposes?

BTW, some reasons I don't use the non-default profile location are * don't want every app putting more stuff on OS partition, making BUs larger; able to access same profile from admin or user acct; wipe free space on a small profile partition is faster, safer.


I agree that adding support for Firefox profiles in other locations is important. Yes, it's just a matter of time, and lately I have been busy with my day job, family, and school. Filing that as a bug on BleachBit's LaunchPad could be helpful.

About evercookies: first, they are not necessarily what browsers typically call "cookies." An evercookie may be a URL, for example. Second, it's easy to identify Bruce's evercookies created for demonstration purposes, but it's very difficult to identify real evercookies created by sneaky web sites. Therefore, BleachBit just cleans everything, which is the nuclear option---not the surgically-precise option.

In the future please post separate topics (in this case, profiles and evercookies) as separate message topics. This makes things easier to manage and reply to.

Andrew, lead developer

Thanks. Your right - I should have used 2 posts. Except the 1st topic - not finding non-default profiles was directly related to 2nd problem. It can't find evercookies or anything else for non-default locations. I just kinda rambled. I'll file a bug / request.

So this does not get lost, I filed a bug here

"Clean Firefox non-default profile locations"

Andrew, lead developer