Thundebird cleanup is a bit of an overkill


Thunderbird in Windows is being affected by BB 1.8 even though ALL options of TB are deselected. It looses being the default email application. This becomes problematic because I also have Office outlook installed and when Thunderbird is not the default, the Bill & company wants to take over.

Win 7 + Thunderbird + Bleachbit 1.6


None of the Thunderbird cleaning options are selected, but each time I run BB 1.6, Thunderbird default status is eliminated and the TB message telling me so pops up. By the way, TB is the only installed email client I have.

Perhaps you might be able to clue me in as to which Windows System option should not be checked?

Cleaning Firefox & evercookies - profile in non default location


Read in another post that BB doesn't find Firefox profiles in non-default locations. Is there any way around this? Yes, the path(s) are in profiles.ini. Regarding a comment made that "99% of Firefox users use default profile location" - I'd disagree. Mozilla thinks enough users are interested to create KBs how to move the profile. This isn't meant as an insult, but CCleaner has no problem finding all profiles in all locations, so it is possible. I'm assuming you just haven't gotten around to adding that capability.

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