bleachbit(as root) hangs, sets up log-in loop


This may only apply to my installation of Chinese distro Deepin, but the consequence is of interest, and the easy way out may be of use to someone who is stuck.
Deepin is a Debian>ubuntu development, so far as I can tell.

Consistently, when I run bleachbit (as root) from the Deepin launch panel, the scan phase has eventually greyed out the panel & bleachbit has stopped responding.
I should add that this is without the free_space option (though I do wonder if process time-out is set too low)

Non-root bleachbit is fine.

Cleaner XML file for Firefox?


Does Bleachbit (1.6) use an XML cleaner file for Firefox (now at v33) - the same as for Thunderbird, Opera, Chromium, etc?

I do not keep my Firefox or Tbird profiles in default location.
They're on a separate partition - F:\.
I can see the files that BB finds / shows to be cleaned, for the default Firefox profile.
BB only cleans part of some files - not delete the entire file.

Cleaning Firefox & evercookies - profile in non default location


Read in another post that BB doesn't find Firefox profiles in non-default locations. Is there any way around this? Yes, the path(s) are in profiles.ini. Regarding a comment made that "99% of Firefox users use default profile location" - I'd disagree. Mozilla thinks enough users are interested to create KBs how to move the profile. This isn't meant as an insult, but CCleaner has no problem finding all profiles in all locations, so it is possible. I'm assuming you just haven't gotten around to adding that capability.

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