Bleachbit starts on opening a folder


Hi guys, I have an unusual problem. Yesterday I installed Bleachbit on my sister's computer (Windows Vista OS). She was keeping her photos in the "Photos Library". When she opened the folder Bleachbit started to delete the content. She managed to stop the process, but she lost some photos. Do you have any idea what went wrong? Please, tell me what to do! By the way, I use Bleachbit for 3 years and I got nothing like this kind of problem.


Do you use the overwrite or shred options in BleachBit? If not, then you can try something like Undelete or Recuva to get the photos back.

As for your issue, I had similar problems like this back on my XP computer and a simple restart usually fixed it. Try and restart and see if it still happens.

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Sorry about this problem. BleachBit normally integrates in the context menu (also called the "right click menu") as a secondary option, but it seems in this case it has become the default option. Please note also that BleachBit normally asks the user to confirm before deleting anything (unless the user disables this safeguard in the options).

Please compare your system to the screenshot from the BleachBit version 1.0 release notes which shows "Open" is the default, while Shred is shown as a non-default choice.

There were only two similar reports , but I have not been able to reproduce it, so it is hard to diagnose and fix.

My suggestion is :

  1. Uninstall BleachBit
  2. Check what happens when you click on a folder
  3. Install BleachBit, and in the installer uncheck the option to integrate shred
  4. Check what happens when you click on a folder

Additionally perhaps you could post screenshots of the context menu using a system like, which will give you a URL you can paste here.

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