Fix Bleachbit double click


Get rid of the changes to my computer that BleachBit forces on me, by it changing my double click to 'shred'

I do not want it. I want it removed, I am uninstalling bleachbit and telling all I meet to do the same..

I understand you do not like this change on your system.

Normally "Shred" is added as an option to the context menu accessed by right clicking, but it is not the default for double clicking. Please compare your system to the screenshot from the BleachBit version 1.0 release notes which shows "Open" is the default, while Shred is shown as a non-default choice.

What was your default double click action before then? Which version of Windows are you using?

Have you tried installing BleachBit with the option "Integrate Shred" option disabled?

Andrew, lead developer


Do you really have to go around telling everyone to not use BleachBit because of 1 mistake? Bugs happen with every program, no matter what you use. I am sorry you had this issue, but we can solve this out.

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