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Sometimes as soon as BeachBit is started, it tries to update, but cannot. I get this message instead:
Error when opening a network connection to check for updates. Please verify the network is working and that a firewall is not blocking this application. Error message:

There is no firewall blocking BleachBit, and the network manager is working fine and is connected to the Internet. I use no proxy. I fixed the corrupt RTBackup folder bug that has been unfixed by Microsoft since Vista. I do not understand what is meant by “target machine”, but if it means the machine the update is on, I cannot understand why it would refuse the connection.

When I click on Help it asks if I want to update and I click “yes”, then it takes me to Help in the browser, and that is all.

I thought maybe Spybot might be interfering, but after deactivating it through Task Manager I still cannot get the update to work.

I checked the forums and apparently there is no command line option to activate the update check via the command line. Nor were there plans (at the time of the post) to add one. Otherwise, I was going to try setting up a scheduled task as SYSTEM to get around any objections from any function of Windows or any other applications that might prevent it.

My programming skills are limited to BASIC in DOS and find the technical language used on sites like GitHub to be overwhelming.

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Windows 7 Professional

You covered quite a few bases, such as the firewall and proxy. You mentioned it happens sometimes: what percentage of the time do you estimate this happens?

The host that the update system tries to contact to check for updates is is , and you can try visiting it in your web browser to make sure it is working. It has a high rate of uptime.

The option you are having trouble with can update the winapp2.ini file and it can check for application updates, but it doesn't actually update the application. In case of an update, it will open a browser, so you can download it. Alternatively, you could consider subscribing to update notifications through Facebook, Twitter, or GitHub by subscribing to BleachBit's web pages there.

There is a command line option --update-winapp2 that updates the Winapp2.ini file automatically.

Andrew, lead developer

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It seems to be the first time it is run after a reboot then it will try to do an update check. After that, if it is opened again, it will not ask automatically upon being opened. I then use the option under Help and it takes me to the home page of the Help site, but gives no other relevant information except the current stable version of BleachBit.

Yes, many programs will only do a check for an update, not an actual update. Either way is fine with me. I was only concerned, because I kept getting the error message that BleachBit was unable to check for the update.

I may have misunderstood what I read about the Winapp2.ini file. I thought this was a composite of things that other cleaners did that was used to emulate those activities instead of the ones built into BleachBit. Since I do not use other cleaners, I decided I did not need this file to run BleachBit. Updating the Winapp2.ini file would then be pointless as it had nothing to do with BleachBit itself, or so I thought. As far as I can tell BleachBit checks everything that needs to be checked. I even used it for the one time so it would fix my Windows metrics which were broken when another program forced a shutdown while I had my windows side-by-side. I only had to restore a few settings back. There was very little inconvenience. Also as in Linux BleachBit advises certain functions are slow, especially the clearing of empty space. It did my internal drive and all of my 1 TB external drives some of which are currently barely used in just a few minutes. I have waited longer than that for Windows to transfer a 1O GB file.

I was only interested in the update for BleachBit itself. This problem is beginning to sound more as if the problem may be with my browsers. Also, Windows is not as easy to deal with as Linux. I have had them go a site and report it is unreachable only to discover it is the wrong site. Usually this is Opera, but Firefox is set on my Windows system as default.

I just now tried the link in Firefox and received a page with only this one sentence.

“You probably want to visit”

That is the download page! Which makes sense, but only if the program needs to be updated. I have the current version. The only message I should receive now is that.

Opera, on the other hand, gives this message:

No internet
There is something wrong with the proxy server, or the address is incorrect.

Contacting the system admin
Checking the proxy address
Running Windows Network Diagnostics
If you use a proxy server…
Check your proxy settings or contact your network administrator to make sure the proxy server is working. If you don't believe you should be using a proxy server: Go to the Main menu > Settings > Change proxy settings… > LAN Settings and deselect "Use a proxy server for your LAN".


I don’t even install Internet Explorer, so that will not work either.

Rod Lockwood