Ubuntu 12.04-BB 1.4 no longer clears .cache


It never did fully, (always left "dconf") but now it leaves:
/home/[username]/.cache/mozilla/firefox/[profile name]/{cache data}, and
/home/[username]/.cache/thunderbird/[profile name]/{cache data} !

Also FWIW, BB never did delete:
and it leaves an "InstallTime..." file in
/home/[username]/.thunderbird/Crash Reports

As well as it does leave data or the directory itself in:
/home/[username]/.mozilla/firefox/[profile name}.default/crashes/
/home/[username]/.mozilla/firefox/[profile name}.default/healthreport/
/home/[username]/.mozilla/firefox/[profile name}.default/webapps/
/home/[username]/.mozilla/firefox/[profile name}.default/minidumps/
/home/[username]/.mozilla/firefox/Crash Reports
/home/[username]/.thunderbird/[profile name]/minidumps/
/home/[username]/.thunderbird/[profile name]/crashes/

Also, what about the data in the various Mozilla "telemetry" files?

Also is missing deleting the .local/share/gvfs-metadata files!

I know some of the above do clear out the files under the directory, but better management would remove the directories also.

Surprised no one else has confirmed or commented on this...

Still, no one can confirm or validate?
Similar on Ubuntu with BB1.6.


Hello. I am sorry you are having this issue. I will make sure Andrew (led developer) gets notified so he can fix this, hopefully, in the next release. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

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Do the files show up during preview? During delete mode, do you get an error (like "permission denied")?

Andrew, lead developer