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Windows 10 1909 system folders

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I just wanted Andrew to know that in my version v1909 of Windows 10, the users' system folders like Documents, Pictures, etc., were changed to regular folders. They are still created & recreated sometimes by some Windows updates, but they can be deleted if not used. I mention this because I still get two warnings, even though they were deleted a long time ago. This is not a bug report, just an FYI.

exception when getting special folder path for music
exception when getting special folder path for pictures

Hard disk full after trying to wipe free space

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I was in the process of wipe free space when bleachbit became unresponsive so end process with using the task manager on Windows 10. Now my hard drive is saying my disk is full. I know I had 47gb of free space before trying this process of wipe free space. What can I do to fix this?

Thanks in advance

Automate Bleachbit and skip UAC


Hello fellow Bleachbit users,

This post is going to be long and I am not even sure if I should ask it here. But I guess I will try my luck here.

I an trying to setup to run Bleachbit automatically when users start up their computers. These computers are all Windows 10. I have made a simple script and deploy it through Group Policy

"C:\Program Files (x86)\BleachBit\bleachbit_console.exe" --no-uac -c system.tmp system.clipboard system.memory_dump system.muicache system.prefetch system.recycle_bin system.updates

BleachBit 1.13 results

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I tested and everything seems to be OK, but the program's size installed is more than 50 MB, and can't understand why. I'd thank if you can tell me if it's OK or of something anormal is happening (because it used to be more or less 6 MB before). Thank you!

Windows 10, 64 bits.

[solved]BleachBit RANSOMWARE Windows 10



I have an issue with a potential virus installed in BleachBit.

First, you have to know I'm working on Windows 10 64 bits (installed today on a new SSD).

So, I wanted to test BleachBit on my new system. I downloaded the software here, on this site).
I installed it without any problem. Then my antivirus detected one file (uninstall.exe) with a virus attached.
Here is the image:

The infection is "Trojan-Ransom.NSIS.Onion.zti".

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