Automate Bleachbit and skip UAC


Hello fellow Bleachbit users,

This post is going to be long and I am not even sure if I should ask it here. But I guess I will try my luck here.

I an trying to setup to run Bleachbit automatically when users start up their computers. These computers are all Windows 10. I have made a simple script and deploy it through Group Policy

"C:\Program Files (x86)\BleachBit\bleachbit_console.exe" --no-uac -c system.tmp system.clipboard system.memory_dump system.muicache system.prefetch system.recycle_bin system.updates

delete multiple via command line script on windows


Suppose I want to delete everything without a preview. There should be a way to do this from the command line in windows for batch file support.

something like:

bleachbit_console.exe -d *.*

or even:

bleachbit_console.exe -ini BleachBit.ini -d

To delete everything checked (True) in the ini file.

You can't possibly expect a script to go through each possible cleaning option.

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