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I tested and everything seems to be OK, but the program's size installed is more than 50 MB, and can't understand why. I'd thank if you can tell me if it's OK or of something anormal is happening (because it used to be more or less 6 MB before). Thank you!

Windows 10, 64 bits.

Thank you for testing!

The installer got bigger because I updated Python and GTK (which BleachBit uses) to new versions. The new versions are bigger, plus I have not yet optimized them. I hope with optimizations I can shrink most of that size.

Andrew, lead developer

Umm I was thinking GTK had something to do with that.
Good to know you're improving this program more and more


Yes, GTK is rather big with all the icons, DLLs, and other files it includes. My challenge is to identify which files can be removed without affecting functionality.

Andrew, lead developer

Sure, it's a great idea!
I hope you can achieve that :D