[SOLVED] Wipe function in Linux: Is choosing the user's home folder enough?


I have 'home' on a separate partition. When using BleachBit's wipe function, it offers me to choose a folder to wipe. By default it's 'home' or to be precise: 'home/username/'. Now I wonder how BleachBit determines the space to delete based on a directory. Shouldn't BleachBit rather wipe all unused space in home instead of only the current user's home folder. I mean, couldn't there be file relicts from that user's home folder stored somewhere in an area that is out of that folder?

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It sounds like you have two partitions, so let's say they are / and /home, so the root is one partition and the home directory is another. If you want to wipe every file that ever existed and was later deleted in /home, you can wipe the free disk space in any writeable directory under /home.

To be more concrete, say you had a file /home/andrew/secret.txt, and later you deleted it. And your home folder is /home/user5. If you BleachBit wipes /home/user5/, it will also wipe the previously deleted file /home/andrew/secret.txt because they are in the same partition /home.

Does that make sense?

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Andrew, lead developer

Thank you very much for your reply. Now I get it :)

Of couuuuurse, if I wipe the free/available space for a user's home directory, it actually wipes ALL free disk space of the home partition.

I just didn't see the wood for the trees ^^