'Integrate Shred' feature - issues resolved?

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I want to install v1.12 for Windows. I'd like to have shred-ability from the FileExplorer context menu. However, when searching this forum for 'Integrate Shred' I've observed reported problems with this feature over the past several years. Have these issues been resolved? And is this feature now considered "solid"? Thx, Rob

[SOLVED] Wipe function in Linux: Is choosing the user's home folder enough?


I have 'home' on a separate partition. When using BleachBit's wipe function, it offers me to choose a folder to wipe. By default it's 'home' or to be precise: 'home/username/'. Now I wonder how BleachBit determines the space to delete based on a directory. Shouldn't BleachBit rather wipe all unused space in home instead of only the current user's home folder. I mean, couldn't there be file relicts from that user's home folder stored somewhere in an area that is out of that folder?


Overwrite trash



I've looked around for the answer to this but can't seem to find it, apologies if I've missed it.

Does the overwrite files option shred any files in the trash folder (in Ubuntu or the recycle bin in windows)? Also, does anyone know if the overwrite option overwrites file slack?

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A question about Shredding files using Python


I'm running on Windows Vista...

I've just started using BleachBit and so far I'm very impressed. There were two requirements I had when searching for such a tool: the first was the ability to securely shred files and the other was the ability to add my own folders, files and registry entries to the built-in ones. CleanerML is excellent for defining my own cleaners and is far superior to what I'd previously been using in CyberScrub, which I stopped using some time ago due to my dissatisfaction with several product updates.

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