Ubuntu lucid extra package is not installing


Hi! I have 3 questions here :

1) I am using Ubuntu 10.04 32 bit. I installed from repos the bleachbit. But when i try to install the bonus package it writes : "Sorry, 'bleachbit-bonus' is not available for this type of computer (i386)." But i can install the bonus package properly (and it works) by downloading from official web site of Bleachibt. But now i have to install manually when updating the bonus pack, also i am not user if it is stable my system because of this error which i get from "software center" of Ubuntu 10.04.

2) I used this script to clean some thinks on Ubuntu: http://textsnip.com/03b7b6 Can someone tell me if i need it if i use Bleachbit ?

3) First i clean with Bealchbit everything with admin permissions. Just after that, i set from options to "show irrelevant cleaner" but when i clean with this option it cleans many new thinks on new directorys. So that means it is better to use always the Bleachbit to select this option because it deletes more thinks (i think Bleachbit can not understand exactly which programs are installed to Ubuntu).

Please help me about this situations.

Thank you !

1. Sorry, I don't speak for the Ubuntu repos, but I don't think the package would cause the error (which you should write verbatim, by the way). Depending on the error, you could ask a question or file a bug report on the Ubuntu bug tracker for the Software Center package.
2. That link doesn't load.
3. If you enable "show irrelevant cleaners," it will show options that don't do anything. If they do something (show files in a preview), then something is broken. In that case, please give me the option name (for example Firefox - Cache) and the name of the file (including the directory and filename).

Also in the future please separate questions into individual messages.

Andrew, lead developer

First thanks for your interest!

The script is Ubucleaner ( http://opendesktop.org/content/show.php/Ubucleaner?content=71529 ). I need it or not ?

BleachBit cleans apt cache and the trash, but BleachBit 0.8.0 doesn't remove kernels (maybe a future BleachBit will remove old kernels). Without more research, I'm not sure about the config files.

Andrew, lead developer

OK. Thank you!