Mozilla's "Rapid Release" program - How is BleachBit development affected?


As much as it seems counterproductive (well it did work for GM - for a while) to release a new version on a schedule, and yes, many of the "new versions" will just be bugfixes with a new number, how is this going to affect BleachBit?
In a few weeks , the MoFo folks are going to EOL Firefox 3.1 (they have already done this to FF4) and we all will be forced into FF5+.
(Or, maybe not... )
So for now, what is the current tested compatibility of BleachBit with FF5 and beyond?
I presume Thunderbird is facing this same issue, too.
Thanks for your fantastic work!

The rapid releases may create more work---especially for testing. However, given the change doesn't increase the resources of the developers (you could argue it lowers their resources because they spend more time on each release), it may not change development time for BleachBit. Basically, it's hard to say.

So far I don't recall any changes needed for Firefox version 5.

Mozilla's rapid release program is a good opportunity for the community to contribute to BleachBit by testing which is very easy because BleachBit is open source, transparent, publishes public betas, publishes detailed testing plans, and has a built-in system for subscribing to beta release notifications.

Andrew, lead developer