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Good night
In the section of "Internet" (on the left panel of BleachBit), there is an option called Internet Explorer More, it always show me It has 30,5 MB for delete, after hit on Clean it seems to be deleted, but when I hit on Preview I see it one more time. I tried closing everything, but that happens anyway. Thank you.

When you delete do you see "marked for deletion" or "delete"? When the log states "marked for deletion" it means the file is locked by a active (and possibly hidden) process, so it will be deleted when Windows reboots.

It may be regenerated right away, but it will still be deleted.

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I think these files regenerate. I seem to always have something with that entry, too, and I have Internet Explorer disabled on my system.

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It doesn't give an error, maybe it regenerates again, I think. I don't see another logic explanation. Thanks for the support