Recent versions of Firefox perhaps are automatically vacuumed at idle time


I posted this in support hoping for clarification but it seems that it should not have been posted in that section as it has n/a after it. I hope the discussions section can help.

Query regarding Vacuum of Firefox 11 profile using Bleachbit 0.9.2 in Windows 7..

I do not understand why Bleachbit Vacuum saves 8.2mb of disc space when Firefox is not running but on loading Firefox the file size reverts back to how it was before vacuum was run at 10.2mb.

Vacuum 8.2MB C:\Users\Username\Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\3jki4zf92.default\places.sqlite
Disk space recovered: 12.8MB

Everything is working fine and Firefox certainly loads quicker and is more responsive but I do not understand why the the total profile size is virtually the same as it was after vacuum was run.

Can you explain why the disc space recovered is not retained after re-loading Firefox?

I read on another forum that recent versions of Firefox are automatically vacuumed at idle time. I have no idea if this is true or not but it could explain why I am not finding any change in the file sizes.

It makes sense that Firefox would add a feature to vacuum at idle time, and this would explain why BleachBit does not provide as much benefit as it used to. I can't say what Firefox does with the sqlite database that makes it quickly grow: you could ask some Mozilla people if you are curious.

So you can choose to not vacuum Firefox in BleachBit (which redundant), or you can continue to do so (because it doesn't really hurt either). Also you didn't say what you noticed with Firefox 11's other sqlite databases?

For now I will leave the option because some users stay on older versions of Firefox, which is necessary in some situations.

Also in the future if you want to add more information to a message post, you can reply to yourself instead of starting a new thread.

Andrew, lead developer